Enhance the Shopping Experience to Increase Sales

Entice customers to engage with your brick-and-mortar retail environment in ways not possible online.

ARGOS Reflections: Customer Experience

  • Provide every customer with a personalized experience in a brick-and-mortar setting.
  • Offer tools to simulate the ease of browsing online.
  • Implement interactive experiences while capturing valuable data through curated technologies like smart mirrors, virtual try-on, and lift-and-play.

Engage customers with the best of both worlds.

Provide a smoother retail experience with the ability to experience products first-hand to boost engagement and increase sales.

Customer Engagement


One of the world’s largest watchmakers approached Pac Team Group to design and manufacture a new premium shop for their flagship brand within the historic Macy’s Herald Square in New York City.

Their objective was to create an eye-catching environment that embodies the innovation, energy, and advanced technology for which the company’s watches are known. PT Next supported by:

  • Curating digital and lighting technologies to create a high-energy experience.
  • Utilizing cutting edge OLED transparent screens and custom digital content to capture customer attention.
  • Highlighting individual watches with digital animation that offers additional content.
  • Implementing a border of high-resolution screens playing a single stream of video to provide the impression of movement and continuity.

The brand was the first to use this technology in the 2.5 million square foot store, ensuring it stood out within a crowded retail space.