Maximize Customer Interactions to Enhance the Brick-and-Mortar Experience

Provide the fast and efficient delivery of products and appealing alternatives to customers in a retail environment utilizing inventory management software designed for the luxury and accessories industry.

ARGOS Searchlight: Inventory Visibility

  • Integrates seamlessly with retailers’ existing jewelry, eyewear, and luxury goods software systems.
  • Provides valuable product timeline information such as duration spent in a showcase, in the vault, or in front of customers.
  • Tracks the total number of views by a customer before an item is sold.
  • Improves security and product monitoring with real-time tracking of all goods.
Work with PT Next to implement and configure the hardware solutions needed to locate and read inventory faster and more accurately than ever before.

Inventory Visibility

Controlling the Availability of Jewelry Packaging Boxes

A prestigious global jewelry brand sought a solution to effectively manage its inventory of packaging boxes. Its distinctive packaging elevates the purchase, adds value to the brand, and enhances the customer experience. The company wanted to ensure that the proper packaging was always available and used for the correct pieces. PT Next supported by:

  • Implementing technology to digitally label each packaging item so inventory could be scanned.
  • Enabling the boutique to review stock and create replenishment reports using RFID inventory scanning technology.

The brand ensured each boutique had a sufficient supply of packaging, could count stock faster, and prepared more accurate inventory reports. They were also able to reduce the cost of excess packaging inventory.