Retail Technology Solutions Based on 70 Years of Experience

Tap into real-time data to capture which products customers view, how long they spend with each product, and what they buy.

Introducing ARGOS
Cloud-Based Luxury Goods Software Platform
ARGOS is designed from the ground up for the watch, jewelry, eyewear, and luxury goods industry. Flexible to meet individual brand needs, ARGOS can be seamlessly infused into even the most refined retail environments.

Product Conversion

ARGOS Reveal data helps retailers make informed decisions about product assortment, merchandising, seasonal and regional variances, and customer interactions.

Inventory Visibility

ARGOS Searchlight provides actionable insights about a product’s location, handling, movement, and inventory levels within the retail space. Track item location in real-time in boutique, vault, or repair.

Customer Experience

ARGOS Reflections provides a personalized shopping experience in brick-and-mortar settings, simulating the ease of online shopping to increase engagement and sales.