Digital Display Solutions

Elevate the shopping experience with dynamic digital content

Scalability: Remote content management can easily scale to multiple locations, making it a versatile solution for growing businesses with diverse needs.

Remote Content Management: Digital signage offers the convenience of remotely managing and updating content, allowing for quick adjustments and real-time messaging.

Cost-Efficiency: Remote management reduces the need for on-site maintenance and physical content updates, saving time and operational costs.

A Personalized Experience for Every Customer

PT Next digital shopping solutions provide a personalized shopping experience simulating and enhancing the benefits of online shopping.

  • Includes access to product knowledge, research, specs, and content not typically available in a retail store.
  • Implement interactive experiences while capturing valuable data through curated technologies like smart mirrors, virtual try-on, and lift-and-play.
  • Engage customers with the best of both in-store and online shopping: provide a smoother retail experience with the ability to experience products first-hand to boost engagement and increase sales.
Virtual Try-On application.

Pac Team Group designed and manufactured a premium shop for Citizen within Macy’s Herald Square in New York City. Through digital and lighting technologies and cutting-edge OLED transparent screens, PT Next created an eye-catching, engaging, and interactive experience that embodied the innovation, energy, and advanced technology for which Citizen watches are known.