Revolutionizing the brick-and-mortar retail experience with custom-designed RFID solutions


Argos, PT Next’s proprietary software modules designed specifically for luxury retail, uses RFID to create data-rich environments that allow retailers to leverage powerful product insights to increase conversion, sales, inventory security, and customer engagement.

ARGOS Reveal: Make informed decisions based on real-time product conversion data. Gives retailers the ability to view which products, product categories, and sales locations are most likely to lead to a sales conversion.

ARGOS Search: Provides actionable insights about a product’s location, handling, movement, and inventory levels within the retail or event space. Significantly reduce inventory time while drastically improving accuracy.

RFID Focused on Luxury Retail

RFID in retail has primarily focused on inventory tools alone. With a platform designed for small-scale specialty retail – including watches, jewelry, and eyewear – PT Next can harness underutilized data to seamlessly and accurately tell a more comprehensive story about a retailer’s products.
  • Daily count inventory tools
  • Inventory visibility software
  • Product conversion tools
  • Event technology
  • Centralized retail dashboards
  • Product information, sales support, training
  • In-store and employee security tools
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