Only recently, the real-time product conversion data that helps e-commerce stores thrive has been available for in-store settings. Using RFID, PT Next’s retail technology software changes this, providing actionable insights into the customer buying process.

ARGOS Reveal: Product Conversion

  • Installs at sales desks and display counters seamlessly.
  • Invisibly tracks each time a piece is viewed and for how long.
  • Identifies pieces shown together or returned to display.
  • Provides real-time insights into what sells.
  • Makes sales opportunities more meaningful.
  • Enables retailers to make informed decisions about product assortment, visual merchandising, seasonal and regional variances, training, and customer actions to increase sales.

Technology and analytics define the e-commerce experience but they're also powerful tools for brick-and-mortar retailers

RFID competitors are currently focused on inventory alone.​

RFID competitors are currently
focused on inventory alone.​

The PT Next Advantage

With a platform hyper-focused on specialty retail, PT Next is able to harness underutilized data to seamlessly and accurately tell a more comprehensive story about a retailer’s products

Environment Experience

Day to day operations & mangement utilizing PT Next's Argos platform

Leverage data to create interactive experience and drive engagment

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