Inventory Visibility

Controlling the Availability of Jewelry Packaging Boxes

A prestigious global jewelry brand sought a solution to effectively manage its inventory of packaging boxes. Its distinctive packaging elevates the purchase, adds value to the brand, and enhances the customer experience. The company wanted to ensure that the proper packaging was always available and used for the correct pieces. PT Next supported by:

  • Implementing technology to digitally label each packaging item so inventory could be scanned.
  • Enabling the boutique to review stock and create replenishment reports using RFID inventory scanning technology.

The brand ensured each boutique had a sufficient supply of packaging, could count stock faster, and prepared more accurate inventory reports. They were also able to reduce the cost of excess packaging inventory.

Providing Priceless Data at High Jewelry Events

One of the world’s most famous jewelry brands wanted to digitize their private high jewelry events. Only the brand’s most valuable clients are invited to privately browse and purchase its most beautiful and expensive pieces at these events.

With the extremely high value of the jewelry on display, the brand wanted to know the location of every piece at every moment. PT Next developed an innovative, turnkey solution that could easily be moved between locations.

  • Small and discreet digital markers were attached to each piece.
  • Digital receiving devices were embedded in ceilings and furniture to record the location of priceless jewelry during transit.

The brand gained invaluable display and sales data from their events. They were able to evaluate which pieces were viewed together and how long each client spent viewing each item.